Nootropics Side Effects

It has been confirmed that Natural Nootropics are one of the safest types of nutritional supplement accessible in the present market. The Nootropics increases the acetylcholine levels in our body which optimize the brain’s connections resulting in improved improves neural impulse transmission, enhances memory recall and storage, thinking abilities, and neuroplasticity. Some Natural Nootropics even enhance the Nerve Growth Factor which is vital for protecting the brain from aging or diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Besides being a cognitive enhancer and a neuroprotectant, Natural Nootropic also acts as a vasodilator which enables the brain to work more efficiently by absorbing the nutrients and oxygen thoroughly and faster,  due to the improved cerebral circulation. There is no risk of long-term addiction, signs of developing tolerance or withdrawal symptoms.

Even though there are many benefits to taking Nootropics, there may be some side effects. However, the side effects depend on several factors such as dosage, the frequency of use and duration, type of Nootropics, and brain age.

Dosage: One of the reasons people overdose on Nootropics is because it worked so effectively they believe if they take more it will benefit them further.  However,  higher doses than the suggested use of Nootropics will result in the brain being damaged from over-stimulation. By taking a greater dose, the user is essentially giving the Nootropic supplement control over the brain functioning. Eventually, the user won’t be able to think clearly or enhance their cognition without the high dose of Nootropics, thus becoming dependent. Conversely, even though it is said that one will not develop tolerance to Nootropics, if the user continues to use Nootropics at high doses for a duration of time, there may be a chance that the user will experience a degree of tolerance. Other Nootropics side effects include fatigue due to excessive dosage. The aftermath will be the user feeling burned out, which is similar to the crash when one consumes caffeine or other stimulants.

The frequency of use and duration: It is unknown how the brain will respond if a person takes Nootropics for an extended period and then discontinues it, due to the lack of research. However, if a person takes Nootropics for a long duration of time it is said that the user will no longer perform cognitively demanding tasks without them. Therefore, the user will be dependent on Nootropics to stay productive and perform optimally because their functioning is impaired without them. This is because the neurotransmission in the brain is extremely delicate and influenced by many factors, hence taking Nootropics for an extended period of time may deplete the neurotransmission. Likewise, the body will suffer a toll due to the Nootropics forcing the body to create energy even when the user is tired. This may disrupt the circadian rhythm, accelerate aging, or alter the way the body works. Other Nootropics side effects include sleep problems due to it increasing the energy levels and improving alertness. If the user takes Nootropics during the night it will impact their circadian rhythm, resulting in the user unable to fall asleep, not achieving high-quality sleep, or waking up feeling tired.

Type of Nootropics: There are many types of Nootropics with different ingredients and varying effects. Many of the side effects will largely depend on which ingredient is in the Nootropics. Some may lead to headaches, skin rashes, nausea, migraines, insomnia,  difficult withdrawals, alteration to the brain, or be life threatening. Therefore, it is important to know the source of ingredients and overall quality of the product to avoid the Nootropics side effects.

Brain age: During the early stages of adolescence the brain is still developing, hence it is unknown and varies if consistent Nootropic usage would bring damage to the brain. There are two beliefs, the first suggest it is unlikely to cause damage to the brain and may improve brain development. The second belief suggests the adolescent user will become dependent on it to function and may impair certain connections in the brain from being formed that would have been beneficial. If the user’s brain is over the age of 25. there is a very low risk that the Nootropics will induce major functional changes. This is because the brain is most likely fully developed by the age of 25.

Nootropics Preventions

To prevent the majority of side effects from happening, it is important to time the dosing. For example, if the user takes a stimulating Nootropic stack, such as caffeine and L-theanine, before bed it is almost guaranteed for the user to have insomnia. This impacts the circadian rhythm, resulting in the user unable to fall asleep, not achieving high-quality sleep, or waking up feeling tired.

Minimize the dosage: It is recommended to take the minimal dosage that will give the cognitive enhancing effect. This is because if the user takes a high dosage immediately it can result in detrimental brain changes, lead to reliance on Nootropics in the future, and other Nootropics side effects. Additionally, keep things simple by taking only one kind of Nootropic, instead of mixing a variety of Nootropics and other medications with it. In other words, avoid over medicating because it will minimize potential dangers.

Cycle off: Nootropics is very helpful when enhancing the brain functions, but it is important to give the brain a break from Nootropics once in a while. By cycling off Nootropics, the user will not be tolerant to the effects and/or dependent on it to function.

Unfortunately, most Nootropics are considered unregulated supplements, hence the pharmaceutical companies are not going to back human-based studies. Therefore, is important for the user to show diligence and choose wisely on which Nootropics are safe. By reading reports in blogs and forums of user experiences and different Nootropic stacks, this will increase the chance of avoiding majority to all Nootropics side effects.

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